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The PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION is structured in 9 Theme Worlds. The exhibitors of the Theme Worlds can be found here:


Fachverband Medienproduktion e.V.
Die Zukunft der Medienproduktion wird getragen von gesell-schaftlichen Entwicklungen ebenso wie von technologischen Inno-vationen.
Know-how ist ein entscheidender Wettbewerbsvorteil.
Der f:mp. bündelt unter dem Dach eines starken Verbands die Kenntnisse und das Wissen zu den unterschied-lichsten Facetten der Kommunikationsindustrie in engagierten Brancheninitiativen. Damit stärkt der f:mp. nicht nur den Rücken seiner Mitglieder, er geleitet die gesamte Medienpro-duktion auf dem Weg in eine erfolgreiche Zukunft.

drupa - The No. 1 for your business success
drupa gives decisive impetus to the global print and media and packaging industries, inspires markets and vertical industries, and offers outstanding networking opportunities and potential for excellent business. This is where innovations are brought to market, new business models developed and new partnerships established.


Dialogue Marketing - Crossmedia & Mailingproduction

Otto Schnaudt GmbH & Co. KG
Otto Schnaudt GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist for envelopes/mailer pockets, with and without printing.
On a total of 16 special printing machines, we produce envelopes and mailing bags in finished envelope printing (subsequent printing on finished envelopes) with 1-0 to 4-4 color offset printing.
The presses are designed to produce small, medium and even large runs cost-effectively. We have the right machine for each run. Die Kapazität liegt bei 1.500.000 Hüllen je Schicht.
Our customers are printers, lettershops and converters.
As a specialist, we also offer printing of solid cardboard pockets, cardboard back pockets, folded pockets and bubble pockets using digital packaging inkjet printing.
In such cases, printing on finished products is an absolute specialty, as these bags cannot be printed in offset printing due to their material thickness.
Our high-bay warehouse has around 3,000 storage spaces, ensuring a smooth supply of envelopes and mailing bags - with and without printing.

NatureCard GmbH
Rediscover the familiar, we know each other!
The former sales managers of NOVO GmbH, Ertan Terzi & Frank Dohr, have founded a new company in the card sector with NatureCard GmbH. We also had the opportunity to win loyal former employees for our company. A modern machine park rounds off our new appearance.
We are now a team with more than 20 years of experience in the "card market". We know our customers and their requirements and can provide the best possible advice for every project. That convinces our customers, because you are not tied to one supplier and we can provide you with the best from our pool.
A card is not just a card. Our strength lies precisely in the services: personalization (data security according to DSGVO), order data processing, posting of the cards on card carriers, letter shop and postage-optimized shipping. Here the NatureCard is a partner who offers everything from a single source - and that sustainably throughout the entire value-added process, through the use of environmentally friendly materials and environmentally friendly resources.
NatureCard is certified for climate-neutral printing!
Climate neutrality is an environmental goal of not having an impact on the climate through production and consumption. This is based on the assumption that the climate system can buffer a certain amount of greenhouse gas emissions without having a significant impact on the climate. Climate neutrality is now a quality mark. Climate-neutral companies assume responsibility towards people and the environment. NatureCard has firmly anchored the goal of climate neutrality in its environmental guidelines.
Ertan Terzi & Frank Dohr

Deutsche Post AG
is Europe’s largest mail services operator, and market leader in the German mail and parcel market. With its powerful Deutsche Post brand and a workforce of about 155,000 employees committed to service excellence, the company is recognized both as “Die Post für Deutschland”. The Deutsche Post portfolio combines the present and future of postal and communications services, ranging from mail and parcel delivery to secure electronic communication and dialog marketing for private and business customers. The company has been a pioneer in new postal technologies, carbon neutral shipping and e-commerce logistics solutions.
Deutsche Post is part of Deutsche Post DHL Group. The Group generated revenues of more than 66 billion euros in 2020. With sustainable business practices and a commitment to society and the environment, the Group makes a positive contribution to the world. Deutsche Post DHL Group aims to achieve zero-emissions logistics by 2050.

D.E.S.H. Datenservice & Mailing GmbH
The specialist for digitalisation and data acquisition of all kinds of documents; regardless of whether it is a competition, customer response or incoming mail.
For more than 25 years we have been recording data and digitizing documents on paper in a wide variety of forms for different industries in a wide variety of ways. In doing so we have acquired an enormous amount of expertise that has flowed into our data acquisition service. But we also pass on our expert knowledge to our customers. For example by advising you on how to optimise the material to be recorded in advance. As a result the subsequent digitalisation can be both: rationalised and cost-optimised, which leads to high process efficiency.

Agentur & Lettershop
Is a print finishing company in the middle of Germany, run by owner Roland Albrecht for almost 20 years.
We are really good at handling the dispatch of larger quantities. No matter whether directly personalized as a magazine in postal distribution, Postwurf Spezial, Dialogpost or unpersonalized as Post aktuell or by direct distribution.
With currently three inserting machines for formats DIN C6 to DIN Lang and two further inserting machines for formats up to C4, we are the most efficient letter store in North Hesse in the inserting sector. More than 100,000 items in DIN long format can be processed daily in 1-shift operation, and up to 50,000 insertions are also possible in the C4 range, depending on the material.
Of course, we can also fold and personalize our mailings in 1-color black by laser or inkjet.
There's no such thing as can't! We can help you implement even the most unusual ideas.
Manchmal geht es eben nur manuell!

Grunewald GmbH
is one of the most innovative pioneers in high-quality digital printing. The print and media service provider's range of services includes print-on-demand mailing productions, one-to-one marketing and full-file services.
Particular strengths lie in the area of dialog marketing, preferably with a high degree of individualization/personalization or geomarketing. Processing takes place in the company's own lettershop. Here, letter mailings and postcards as well as self-mailers in various forms are produced and processed. With CrossMedia, grunewald integrates online media - for example, individual landing pages including data management, real-time visitor statistics and automated print and e-mail dialog.
In the area of finishing, we offer white printing, a wide variety of varnishes such as relief, scented or thermal varnish, as well as partial foil lamination, e.g. in silver or as hologram foil. Web-to-print systems round off the services before and after printing.

locr GmbH
locrs’ technical solution makes it possible to calculate the personal route and area maps for each reader from anonymous address lists. They are informative, eye-catching and give the reader a direct link to the advertising message - where does what take place?
locr GmbH was founded in Braunschweig in 2006 and initially developed a photo geo-tagging solution for Internet and mobile applications. Over time, locr maps was developed as a technology for the print sector, enabling the generation of personalized maps of directions and surroundings for direct mailings and photo finishing applications.
Thanks to digital printing, these maps can also be integrated into individualized print media concepts in large print runs.

Printed Electronics / Electronics in Print

micx – media in concept gmbh & co. kg
Digital Promotional items with WOW effect!
Our innovative promotional items are more exciting than classic promotional products. This is how you surprise potential customers - and what surprises is remembered.
It's time to give away emotions.
Promotional products are one of the most important marketing tools. They are often used by customers in their private or professional everyday life, thus increasing the brand's recognition value and often bringing about personal customer loyalty.
It is important that the advertising media are valuable, exciting, innovative and emotional, such as our video card, which immediately sends the recipient through a roller coaster ride of emotions:
First surprise - "Video on paper, how does that work?" - then joy at the unique gift. The emotional connection means that your advertising message will be remembered for a long time - and after all, that's what every company wants.
Promotional product highlights for astonished faces
High-quality promotional items are particularly well received by the recipient. Our highlights are therefore technical gadgets that really help users.
Discover our digital promotional items from the SOUND, VOICE, VIDEO and ENERGY categories now and ensure long-term advertising success.

Linku - The smart business card of the future
Digital, up-to-date and in the address book with a click
The LinkU card is a combination of digital and physical business card. With just one scan via NFC or QR code, you share your contact details with the other person's smartphone. One click and your contact details are automatically saved in the phone book. LinkU is your business card that you no longer want to give away - and don't have to!

NFC21 GmbH
Founded in 2012, NFC21 GmbH sees itself as a "pioneer" around the consulting-intensive NFC technology: NFC21 offers NFC-based solutions from a single source and is one of the leading providers of NFC products and software solutions thanks to this holistic corporate approach. Both areas go hand in hand in order to be able to accompany projects in every phase. As an NFC expert, NFC21 stands by its customers in an advisory capacity from the very beginning in order to find suitable solutions for a wide variety of ideas and to support NFC projects in a goal-oriented manner.
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)The online shop offers an extensive range of NFC products with high availability and fast delivery times, including individually manufactured products, supplemented by personal advice on finding a product.
Complementarily, NFC21 develops and operates web-based software solutions that use NFC to implement intelligent value-added services.
Further information on NFC21, NFC smart products and services is available at http://www.nfc21.de/en and http://www.nfc-tag-shop.de/en.

Medienhaus Gather GmbH
Patching: You can make more of your print products!
DIN A4, A5, DIN lang – sure, we can do that, too! We, at Medienhaus Gather GmbH are specialized in offering almost any format possible and finding new solutions.
You are looking for 10 ⁵/₆ Inch continuous carbonless sets with coding and integrated labels? Simply ask us! We are your specialists for special solutions with know how in a big range of value added finishing products.
You need personalized stickers in gold or silver printing? No problem! Starting from just 1 sheet thanks to digital printing technology.
Functional paper: from technical forms to noticeable packaging up to easy to use RFID Products – we are the professionals for the unusual!
Take a look around. Our portfolio starts with simple mailings leads over to integrated cards and vignettes and does not end with barcodes or QR-identification. We meet the highest demands not only when it comes to ticketing and identification. From super easy to very complicated – talk you us!
We might not fit into any category but we make it fight for you!

Programmatic Print

Sattler Direct Mail GmbH & Co. KG
Communication in all dimensions
From high-volume web offset to high-end sheetfed offset with enhancements, innovative high-speed inkjet, target group-oriented long-term advertising to professional services in direct and dialog marketing and cross-media solutions.
More than 500 employees work for you around the clock at our production sites. With our wide range of machinery and printing processes, we can handle all page counts and formats - from print runs of 1 to tens of millions.
Modern advertising measures serve offline channels (e.g. with print measures) and online solutions (e.g. with web stores, loyalty card systems, etc.) The decisive challenge we face as a future-oriented media service provider is to optimally prepare content for all output channels, regardless of whether for print or online media.
All together under one strong brand - Sattler Media Group.

Interior/Exterior-Design / Digital Signage

Geneon GmbH
Digital Signage - cross-media and interactive - increase the customer experience of your brand!
With genera 6, Geneon GmbH presents a web-based digital signage application that meets all requirements of digital screen communication. With genera 6, both smart screens and mobile devices are supplied with animated and interactive posters and communication applications via the Internet. Combine advertising messages with infotainment, news, weather, sports or other events:
- Instore marketing (e.g. gastronomy, retail, education).
- Hotel communication
- Waiting room infotainment & TV
- Corporate communications, also across locations
- Reception communication, reception & education/training
- Landing pages for mobile devices
- Animations (also interactive) for websites
Presenting infotainment and advertising messages up-to-the-minute and modern in moving images - that is the task of genera 6 Web-to-Media.

Terminal A0
Your large format service provider for offset and digital printing directly at Düsseldorf Airport.
Our spectrum includes printing on cardboard, paper, foils and fabrics and we process rigid media such as Forex, Dibond and Kapa.
Mounting and gluing are also part of the range of services.
By using green electricity in combination with solvent-free latex digital printing, we contribute to environmentally friendly print production.

Value added Printing

Reco Service Robert Schmidkonz
offers refined endpapers and hinge cloth alternatives for the production of hardcover books. We deliver our dual endpapers from our own production in Germany on exclusive special machines exactly according to customer requirements, usually within 24-48h. Sophisticated detailed solutions with many USPs and attractive prices offer great added value for book production in small and medium runs. With our dual attachments, even hardcover book blocks can be produced on simple softcover perfect binding machines. Since 1994, we have been supplying printers and bookbinders throughout Europe, thus supplying millions of books with endpapers and folding materials every year.

Kodak GmbH
Kodak is one of the most important suppliers of production solutions for printed graphic communication. Kodak's production solutions are used in advertising and commercial printing, publishing (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.), packaging printing, as well as transactional, direct mail and data center printing
Kodak provides the global communications and media industry with one of the most comprehensive programs of products, system solutions and services. With prepress software, workflow systems, electrophotographic and inkjet digital presses, high-speed inkjet impression systems, computer-to-plate equipment, digital printing plates for offset and flexo printing, hardware and soft proofing solutions, and web-based portal products for online collaboration and web-to-print, Kodak covers all segments of the printing.

LSD GmbH & Co. KG
Being one of the leading full-media service providers in Europe, LSD combines classic dummy production with digital solutions: from layout to high-end image processing to 3D/CGI. From small batch production and simulation for large print runs to rapid prototyping. From MRM solutions to websites, apps, augmented and virtual reality.
The family business run by Klaus and Chris Finken builds on almost 60 years of innovative spirit and, with over 160 employees, constantly offers new ideas and economical solutions. This was honored by the initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas”, the “Digital Champions Award” and more.

snoopstar GmbH
snoopstar is the award-winning augmented reality technology platform for brands. The market leader connects the printed, analog world with the augmented, digital world – turning any print product into an interactive, entertaining experience that enables everything from browsing to shopping. Brands gain a new dimension in their communications strategy. snoopstar helps optimize consumer and brand experiences, accelerate conversions, and turn consumers into returning customers. Interactive. Emotional. Activating.

druckpartner - Druck- und Medienhaus GmbH
The future needs a home.
Our industry is subject to constant change. We translate this challenge into active corporate policy. With a team ready to perform and a good dose of curiosity, we turn ideas into customized print products.
The ingredients of our success: state-of-the-art technology, efficient processes, high cost-effectiveness and many years of experience.
We at druckpartner are proud of the fact that we have been closely associated with the city of Essen since our founding in 1975. Our profile is shaped by the district: direct, honest, to the point.
Get to know us! We look forward to meeting you.

As a modern company in the paper and nonwovens industry, we stand for innovation, competence and excellence: we develop, produce and sell papers and nonwovens as stable base materials for coating, embossing and printing. Durability, unique haptic features and first-class printability are the hallmarks of our solutions in the print sector. Whether special papers for durable print products, digitally printable nonwovens for perfect wall decoration or high-quality solutions for out-of-home media - we offer the right product for your requirements.

For more than 100 years, Xerox has continually redefined the workplace experience. Harnessing our leadership position in office and production print technology, we've expanded into software and services to power today's workforce. From the office to industrial environments, our differentiated business solutions and financial services are designed to make every day work better for clients — no matter where that work is being done. Today, Xerox scientists and engineers are continuing our legacy of innovation with disruptive technologies in digital transformation, augmented reality, robotic process automation, additive manufacturing, Industrial Internet of Things and cleantech. Learn more at xerox.com.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Deutschland GmbH
As a long-term leader in production printing and a leader in inkjet, finishing and label printing, Konica Minolta helps customers develop profitable business opportunities by generating value through data. For this purpose, the company offers cutting-edge technology, software, the latest innovations in printing, applications and know-how, as well as support for digital printing through further automation, integrated on-demand production and visualization of quality and operations.

Schmedt GmbH & Co. KG
We help our customers to produce, finish and restore high-quality books. To make this possible, we focus on two core business areas: Wholesale of materials and tools, manufacture of bookbinding machines. Our customers, no matter how small or large, find in us a committed partner with a high level of expertise and outstanding service. As a family business with five generations of experience and know-how, we attach great importance to sustainability and are firmly convinced that even in the traditional market of bookbinding and book restoration, the ability to question the status quo and to reinvent oneself is essential for success. For this reason, we are constantly developing ourselves and our product portfolio to provide our customers with the widest possible variety of innovative materials and machines with the best possible service.

Finishing turns printed matter into an experience. It enhances the effect, sets accents, attracts attention. It combines information with emotional experiences, arouses curiosity - and is simply fun. Those who master it can set themselves apart.

Vogt Spezialdruck GmbH
Vogt is one of Europe's leading suppliers of foil printing, lenticulars, ad specials and onpack promotion and has already been honored for this with the Druck & Medien Award and the Canon Award.

Heidenreich Print GmbH
Heidenreich Print is a leading supplier in the fields of sophisticated print products as well as offset printing for packaging and a specialist in high-end refined offset products.

GRÄFE Druckveredelung GmbH
As one of the leading finishing companies, Gräfe Druckveredelung in Bielefeld, together with its sister company LEISSING Druckveredelung in Landau, is a partner for the development, innovation and implementation of print products with a lasting impact for brand owners, advertising agencies, printers, folding carton manufacturers and publishers throughout the German-speaking world.

Highlight Media GmbH
takes you into the fascinating world of laser fine cutting and laser fine engraving. With our technology, we produce high-quality, filigree shapes and extreme effects in paper, cardboard and many other materials that make a lasting impression and offer a haptic experience. We use state-of-the-art laser systems with special laser head modules and components developed in-house. We bring paper to life!

Werner Achilles GmbH & Co. KG
The Achilles Group, based in Celle, Germany, is the leading specialist when it comes to the innovative finishing of print products of all kinds and the development of creative presentation products. As a reliable partner for print shops, publishers and agencies, it provides amazing visual and haptic impressions at 17 locations. In addition to classic print finishing, its specialties include haptic effects, metallized films and a wide range of capacities. Particularly in the area of publishing houses and agencies, the Achilles Group plays to its strengths in terms of innovation and turns customers' ideas into reality. The company's own sampling service makes it easy to obtain finished samples within a very short time. The Achilles Group provides its customers with advice and support right from the conception phase. The Achilles specialists also enable their customers to produce smaller runs. This applies in particular to multi-part presentation and packaging solutions made of different materials that are to be finished in a variety of ways. Here in particular, the Achilles Group is increasingly relying on digital finishing, which also makes small finished runs possible. From a run of 1 to 1 million, everything is possible here!

The KURZ Group
is a leading international company in hot-stamping and thin film technology. KURZ develops and produces decorative and functional layers applied to carrier foil for different industries, from the packaging and printing industry to the automotive sector and the electronics, card, and textile branches. KURZ supplies an extensive range of products for surface finishing, decoration, labeling, and protection against forgery, complemented by a comprehensive range of stamping presses and stamping tools. It also invests continuously in new technologies and develops innovative solutions for integrating functions into surfaces. The KURZ Group has more than 5,500 employees at over 30 sites worldwide, and produces under standardized quality and environmental standards in Europe, Asia, and the USA. A global network of subsidiaries, representatives, and sales offices ensures short paths and individual, on-site consulting.

Audio Logo GmbH
Mission Statement: For more than 25 years Audio Logo GmbH has aroused emotions with print. By enhancing print with light, sound and video, we produce extraordinary, highly individual communication tools for advertising and marketing - whether as direct mail, at the point of sale, in publishing or in packaging. Our customers are often globally active brands, whose unique position is underlined in a special way by our work. Our manufactured products ensure maximum attention, create sympathy, closeness and positive access to brands and offer our customers a high return on investment.
Core Competencies: High level of expertise in the development of electronically finished print products, extensive technical know-how, experience and innovative ideas for the creation and production of multisensory and multidimensional paper, knowledge of print finishing processes, extensive knowledge exchange and business partnerships with electronics manufacturers in the Far East, sales and marketing that have been established over many years - Expertise for seamless communication and implementation of projects between the advertising industry and customers, experience in the manufacture of small quantity orders and in large-scale production of up to 2 million pieces, in-depth knowledge of the legal and ethical requirements for sustainable production (CO2 balance).
Core values:
- We believe people are good and honorable.
- We consider transparency in internal and external communications with our customers to be absolutely important and necessary.
- We adapt flexibly to the wishes of our customers and satisfy their needs in the best possible and ethical way.
- High product and service quality and the satisfaction of our customers come before economic profit.
- Our world is precious. We keep our CO2 emissions at work and at home as low as possible.

Ing. Fritz Schroeder GmbH & Co. KG (FKS)
FKS is one of the leading suppliers of graphic machines with solutions for "everything after printing" and market leader in the field of digital print finishing. The product range includes machines for bookletmaking, saddle stitching, collating, perfect binding, creasing, cutting, perforating and folding, as well as laminating and UV coating.
The print finishing systems sold by FKS are not one-size-fits-all solutions, but systems designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility. They are designed to meet the needs of both traditional paper converting and the special requirements of digital printing. With our active customer orientation, we offer customised solutions for individual consultation, planning and ultimately target-oriented realisation, and we look after your system nationwide throughout its entire life cycle.
Ever since the family business was founded in 1954, FKS has concentrated on the import, finishing and distribution of graphic machines. With more than 60 years of experience in sales and service, we are able to offer our certified experts a high level of consulting and service competence and to convey our know-how to the customer in the highest quality.

Inapa Germany
was formed by the merger of Papier Union and Papyrus Germany in July 2020 and is one of the largest German paper wholesalers. It is a 100% subsidiary of the Inapa Group, Lisbon/Portugal. The headquarters of Inapa Germany is in Hamburg. Throughout Germany, the company employs more than 1,000 people at numerous locations.
In addition to paper and cardboard specialties, Inapa Deutschland also offers its customers (print shops, advertising agencies, industrial and service companies, public authorities and resellers) digital printing media, specialties for screen printing and UV offset, envelopes and mailing bags, occupational health and safety and business equipment, as well as products for cleaning and hygiene. The Inapa Logistics business unit stands for customized logistics solutions - from procurement and transport logistics to warehousing services.
At Inapa Germany we ensure that our customers get more than just the product: namely service, inspiration and know-how for practical use. Our sales and logistics locations spread throughout Germany and a target group-oriented organization guarantee proximity and the fastest possible delivery. With the variety and availability of our products and services which meet the highest requirements we want to strengthen our customers' competitive position - and inspire them in the long term.

Limego - print solutions that impress
Limego is a print and media service provider with over 20 years of experience in printing and dispatching
Full service
As a full-service provider, Limego offers you everything from a single source - from print consulting, prepress, print dispatch, finishing/letter shop services, print enhancements to customized complete solutions. From classic business cards to high-quality annual reports, Limego uses the latest printing technologies to deliver high quality at impressive speed with delivery times within 24 hours.
Limego offers various foils such as gold, silver, rose gold and hologram, which are particularly strong in sleeking finishing. Your motif is partially highlighted here. With the help of spot colors, as well as gold, silver and white printing, you can achieve almost limitless refinement! Regardless of whether you want to use foil refinement, cellophane wrapping, special colors or special effect-generating lacquers, you will find the right solution of the highest quality at Limego.
Repro Service
With various plotters, scanners, online folders and Xerox scan as well as repro service, Limego has been successfully printing for public authorities, energy suppliers and engineering offices for over 10 years. You can choose from a wide variety of papers and foils in any length and a width of max. 156 cm.
You can also save valuable time and money by optimizing your purchasing processes for company-wide ordering of print products.
With the help of Limego's web-to-print systems, your processing effort can be reduced by up to 70%. You can edit and order standardized print products online at any time with just a few clicks.
In addition, the procedures and processes are certified according to ISO 9001. In all of this, Limego naturally works according to the latest data protection regulations; customers appreciate the sensitive handling of data.
A high-quality print, stunning finishing and precise cuts... every print product that leaves Limego is characterized by its excellent quality!
Limego. Strength. Power. Individuality. Variety. [/B]

Sustainable Mediaproduction

is a traditional company and was founded in 1716. With its headquarters in Weisenbach in the Black Forest, the company specializes in the production and further processing of wood pulp-based materials. KATZ is not only the world market leader in the beverage coaster segment, but also manufactures particularly sustainable products for the point of sale, construction and automotive industries. Since 2009, KATZ has been part of the Koehler Group, an 8th generation family business with around 2,500 employees worldwide.

Druckstudio GmbH
Wir leben Nachhaltigkeit!
Nachhaltigkeit ist für uns kein Schlagwort, sondern ein wesentlicher Bestandteil unseres Unternehmens und unserer Wachstums- und Wertschöpfungsstrategie. Nicht erst seit gestern, sondern seit vielen Jahren. Dieses Engagement zahlt sich für uns alle aus.
- Für die Umwelt, deren Ressourcen wir schonen und deren Schadstoffbelastung wir deutlich reduzieren.
- Für unsere Mitarbeiter, die von fachlichen und finanziellen Förderungen sowie sicheren Arbeitsplätzen profitieren.
- Für die Gesellschaft, der wir etwas zurückgeben.
- Und natürlich für unsere Kunden, die sicher sein können, Druckprodukte und Mediendienstleistungen nach höchsten qualitativen und ökologischen Standards zu bekommen, was wiederum ihrem Geschäft und Image zugute kommt.

Unser Unternehmen ist ein Druckdienstleister der sog. UmDEX-Klasse, erfüllt also die Idee der ganzheitlich nachhaltigen Medienproduktion und erfüllt nachhaltige Ansprüche, die weit über die gesetzlich geforderten Maßnahmen hinausgehen.

F&W Druck- und Mediencenter GmbH
Seit über 25 Jahren immer jung und druckfrisch
Was ist der Unterschied zwischen einer Offsetdruckerei und dem F&W Druck- und Mediencenter? Die Summe Ihrer Möglichkeiten. Denn all diese finden Sie unter dem großen Dach von F&W – von der Druckvorstufe über die Medienherstellung und Weiterverarbeitung bis zur perfekt synchronisierten Medienlogistik.

"Ganz oder gar nicht" ist seit der Unternehmensgründung 1989 die Maxime bei F&W. Heute, rund 25 Jahre später zählt F&W zu den modernsten Printmedienhäusern in Deutschland. Ob Industrie, Automobil, Sport und Freizeit, Finanzdienstleister, Handel, Consulting, Maschinenbau, Verlage oder Kunst – die Branchenbereiche der F&W-Kunden sind so vielfältig wie die spezifischen Anforderungen.

Bei alledem setzen wir konsequent auf eine umwelt und klimagerechte Produktion von Drucksachen. Ökonomisch ist was Ökologisch ist. Das Achten auf Energie- und Ressourcenverbräuche ist eine Frage der Wirtschaftlichkeit und einer fairen Preisleistung für unsere Kund:innen. Zum Beispiel können wir eine Reihe von Druckprodukten nach den strengen Vorgaben des wichtigsten Druckproduktlabels in der EU, dem Blauen Engel DE-UZ 195, produzieren.

Unser Unternehmen ist ein Druckdienstleister der sog. UmDEX-Klasse, erfüllt also die Idee der ganzheitlich nachhaltigen Medienproduktion und erfüllt nachhaltige Ansprüche, die weit über die gesetzlich geforderten Maßnahmen hinausgehen.

Industriedruck Brandenburg GmbH
Für uns gehören hohe Ansprüche an Qualität und Nachhaltigkeit zusammen.
Optimale Beratung und umweltfreundliche Printproduktion stehen für uns an oberster Stelle. Die Umweltdruck Berlin ist Ihre Partnerin – von der kreativen Umsetzung Ihrer Ideen über umweltschonende Herstellung und Logistik all Ihrer Printerzeugnisse.

Neben unserer Schwester, der Industriedruck Brandenburg, die viele Produkte mit Europas wichtigstem Druckproduktlabel “Blauer Engel DE-UZ 195” für uns druckt, ist das Druckhaus Sportflieger ein verlässlicher Partner unserer Dienstleistung. Deren Konzept wollen wir mit unserem Know-how rund um Druck, Papier, Buchbinderei und umweltfreundliche Produktion unterstützen und bereichern.

Vernetzung und das Teilen von Ideen, Erfahrungen und Produktionskapazitäten sind unsere Antwort auf aktuelle Themen wie wirtschaftliche, ökologische und soziale Nachhaltigkeit und Klimaschutz.

Unser Unternehmen ist ein Druckdienstleister der sog. UmDEX-Klasse, erfüllt also die Idee der ganzheitlich nachhaltigen Medienproduktion und erfüllt nachhaltige Ansprüche, die weit über die gesetzlich geforderten Maßnahmen hinausgehen.

Druckerei Janetschek GmbH
Wir von Janetschek legen höchsten Wert auf individuelle Beratung und umweltfreundliche Leistungen.
Unser wirtschaftlicher Erfolg sichert die Zukunft unseres Unternehmens und unserer Mitarbeiter. Sie schaffen die Basis für das Erreichen unserer Ziele, blicken täglich über den Tellerrand hinaus und sind der Antrieb für unseren eigenen, steten Fortschritt.

Deswegen ist uns die persönliche und fachliche Weiterentwicklung unseres Teams ein zentrales Anliegen. Das Wahren gewerblicher Traditionen, die stete Verbesserung unserer Leistungen und das Einhalten von Gesetzen und Richtlinien sind für uns ein Selbstverständnis.

Wir beeindrucken durch regionalen, ökologischen Einkauf und die stete Reduktion unserer Umweltauswirkungen. Mit Termintreue, Qualität und Kreativität schreiben wir gemeinsam mit unseren Kunden das Buch unserer lebenswerten Zukunft.

Unser Unternehmen ist ein Druckdienstleister der sog. UmDEX-Klasse, erfüllt also die Idee der ganzheitlich nachhaltigen Medienproduktion und erfüllt nachhaltige Ansprüche, die weit über die gesetzlich geforderten Maßnahmen hinausgehen.

Kern GmbH
Mit unserer unternehmerischen Tätigkeit stehen wir bei der Kern GmbH in einer Verantwortung, der wir uns jeden Tag aufs Neue stellen.
Verantwortung unseren Kunden gegenüber, die ihr Vertrauen in uns setzen und hohe Qualitätsansprüche an uns, unsere Produkte und Dienstleistungen stellen.
- Verantwortung der Umwelt gegenüber, der wir uns als Papier verarbeitendes Unternehmen nachhaltig widmen müssen.
- Verantwortung gegenüber unseren Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern, denen wir eine gesunde und sichere Arbeitsumgebung und einen langfristig gesicherten Arbeitsplatz bieten wollen.
- Und Verantwortung für unsere Mitmenschen und die Gesellschaft – die uns verbindet und in die wir positiv hineinwirken möchten.

Um dieser Verantwortung gerecht zu werden, hat sich Kern freiwillig verpflichtet eine ganze Reihe sozialer, ökologischer und ökonomischer Maßnahmen und Programme in die Wege zu leiten sowie anerkannte Normen und Standards zu erfüllen und regelmäßig durch unabhängige Stellen prüfen und bewerten zu lassen.

Unser Unternehmen ist eine Druckerei der UmDEX-Klasse, erfüllt also nachhaltige Standards, die weit über die gesetzlich geforderten hinausgehen.

Langebartels & Jürgens Druckereigesellschaft mbH
Das Druckhandwerk lebt und verändert sich - uns wir gehen mit.
In der Historie des Unternehmens haben wir uns über die Jahre in vier Generationen von einer kleinen Kunstdruckerei zum innovativen Dienstleister für Druckprodukte weiter entwickelt.
Qualität, Verbindlichkeit und immer den Blick nach vorn haben uns zu einem der führenden Anbieter von Printprodukten auf dem Hamburger Druckmarkt gemacht.

Neben der Expertise für exklusive Druckprodukte steht Langebartels für Nachhaltigkeit und Umweltbewusstsein. Ehrliche Zertifikate und ein innovatives energiesparendes Produktionsgebäude spiegeln unser Verständnis für einen nachhaltigen Umgang mit Rohstoffen. Wir richten uns nach den vielseitigen Ansprüchen unserer Kunden und wissen:

Hinter zufriedenen Kunden stehen motivierte Mitarbeitende.

Unser Unternehmen ist ein Druckdienstleister der sog. UmDEX-Klasse, erfüllt also die Idee der ganzheitlich nachhaltigen Medienproduktion.

Druckerei Lokay e.K.
Die Lokay Umweltdruckerei ist eine der nachhaltigsten Druckereien der DACH-Region und nimmt hier eine Vorreiter-Rolle ein. Geschäftsführer und Öko-Druck-Pionier Ralf Lokay hat mit seinem Team den Familienbetrieb bereits vor über 15 Jahren konsequent nach ökologischen Leitlinien umgestellt.

Kund:innen wie Alnatura, WELEDA, demeter und Greenpeace beziehen Ihre Drucksachen von Lokay. Die Druckerei produziert mit 100% Ökostrom und nutzt mineralölfreie Druckfarben. Der Standort in Reinheim bei Frankfurt ist ökologisch saniert: Die Heizung funktioniert komplett ohne fossile Energien, allein mit der Abwärme der Druckmaschinen. Eine eigene Regewasserzisterne versorgt die Toilettenspülungen und den insektenfreundlich angelegten Vorgarten. Die Lokay Umweltdruckerei ist EMAS-zertifiziert und zählt zu den 1% der Druckereien in Deutschland, die Druckprodukte nach dem Blauen-Engel-Standard herstellen und kennzeichnen dürfen. Als erste deutsche Druckerei produziert sie seit 2020 auch mit Cradle-to-Cradle-Certified®-Siegel.

Spezialgebiet von Lokay ist Bogenoffset-Druck und die Produktion von umweltschonenden Printprodukten für Unternehmen. Nachhaltigkeitsberichte, Folder, POS-Materialien, Bücher, Magazine und vieles mehr gehört zum Angebot. Auch für Individualprodukte, die es nicht „von der Stange“ gibt, haben die Umweltdruckberater von Lokay die richtige Expertise. Eine große Kollektion nachhaltiger Papiere (Recycling, Blauer Engel, Cradle-to-Cradle-Certified® uvm.) und verschiedene umweltbewusste Veredelungen runden das Angebot ab.

oeding print GmbH
OEvolution im Druck: Innovation hat bei uns Tradition. Seit 1797.
Wir geben uns nicht mit dem Status Quo zufrieden. Seit über 200 Jahren ziehen sich Leidenschaft für Druck, technische Innovationen und Mut zur Veränderung wie ein roter Faden durch unsere Geschichte.

Als Familienunternehmen denken wir zukunftsorientiert und engagieren uns als einer der Pioniere im Bereich Nachhaltigkeit für eine konsequent umwelt- und klimafreundliche Druckproduktion.

Unsere Philosophie: Wir setzen neue Standards für hochqualitativen und nachhaltigen Druck!

Unser Unternehmen ist ein Druckdienstleister der sog. UmDEX-Klasse, erfüllt also die Idee der ganzheitlich nachhaltigen Medienproduktion und erfüllt nachhaltige Ansprüche, die weit über die gesetzlich geforderten Maßnahmen hinausgehen.


bonitasprint gmbh
Von Herzen: Wir bei bonitasprint bieten die ganze Welt charakterstarker Kommunikation,
und die ganze Vielfalt gedruckter und veredelter Produkte. Von der Geschäftskarte bis zum Buch, von der Druckvorstufe bis zur Logistik, von der Erstberatung bis hin zur Veredelung - hier kommt alles aus einem Haus.

Womit wir beim Thema wären: Leidenschaft. Hingabe. Verlässlichkeit.

Das zeichnet uns aus. Das möchten wir mit unserem Namen verbunden wissen.
Nur wenn wir diese Tugenden, in Kombination mit entsprechendem Know-how, tagtäglich leben, können wir das bleiben, was wir für unsere Kunden immer sein möchten:

Ein loyaler Partner in allen Fragen der Printkommunikation.

Unser Unternehmen ist ein Druckdienstleister der sog. UmDEX-Klasse, erfüllt also die Idee der ganzheitlich nachhaltigen Medienproduktion und erfüllt nachhaltige Ansprüche, die weit über die gesetzlich geforderten Maßnahmen hinausgehen.

The UmDEX/print separates the wheat from the chaff in the label jungle of the media industry and guarantees the choice of a high-quality, sustainable print shop. The meta-label operates independently and is fact-based. Access is not for sale. Entry in the table and use of the label is generally granted, provided the criteria mentioned here are met.

PAV Card GmbH
The family business PAV has made a name for itself as one of the leading communication service providers.
Our 250 employees accompany you from data preparation, through production and postal delivery of the mailing components, to the evaluation of your campaign. In doing so, we master the entire range of customer communication. For this purpose, we have a range of cross-media print and mailing solutions ready for you at www.mailinglotsen.de. These include sustainable mailings made of grass paper, attention-grabbing mailings with QR code and landing page as well as NFC-based applications.
The basis for this is our digital sheet-fed and continuous printing, which meets the very highest quality standards.
The security of your customer data has top priority. This is confirmed not least by our ISO 27001-certified information security management system (ISMS).
As a card manufacturer from the very beginning, we also offer you an extensive range of customer and gift cards - also with NFC technology.
Since summer 2020, PAV has been manufacturing medical mouth and nose protection as a partner of the federal government. We are also a manufacturer of high-quality FFP2 masks, which are 100% produced at our German production site in Lütjensee.

Die Lithografen GmbH
Founded in 2014 by André Löwer and Gennaro Marfucci, Die Lithografen GmbH established itself as a classic prepress company for agencies and print shops. However, the service portfolio was quickly expanded. With a strong team of professionals for image processing, final artwork and media design, they create and optimize files for graphics, marketing and production. In detail, this means: consulting, troubleshooting, practical color management, image editing, final art, 3D mockups, PowerPoint and Word templates, print data optimization and data handling.
Sustainable media production is playing an increasingly important role for lithographers, even outside the traditional agency scene. The goal is to save resources through efficient solutions.
The lithographers understand the wishes and requirements from creation and master the technology from production. With the Lokay print shop, lithographers have a strong partner for environmentally friendly print products at their side.

fides Druck & Medien GmbH
The experts for ecological promotional products from southern Germany
We offer environmentally conscious customers ecological promotional products such as parking discs, turntables, slat cards, luggage tags, etc.
Parking discs how boring, you probably think now. But do you already know our four-sided flyer parking discs? These offer advertising space like a flyer. And they are used in the car and thus have an advertising effect for many years.
Our parking discs with perforation invite the recipient to respond. A postcard is attached to the parking disc, which the addressee can use to start communicating with you.
All fides models can be provided with a QR code, through which traffic is directed to your pages. Or with an individual ticket/voucher number, which also motivates the recipient to interact.
All described models as well as many more ideas can be found on our website http://www.fides-druck.de.
We produce completely at our domestic company location. As a medium-sized company, we can also react quickly. This results in very short delivery times for you. If necessary, we can put in an extra shift and produce ten thousand ecological promotional items over the weekend.
This gives our customers the opportunity to react to current developments with their advertising content/statements.
As luck would have it, a standard parking disc just fits into a DIN long envelope. And the weight is well under twenty grams.
Four-sided parking discs or special customer products can weigh a bit more. But our technology almost always manages to keep within the magic weight limit by using an alternative material.
When shipping your products, we rely on selected specialists from our network with years of experience.
Our products are mostly very individual. Das macht ja gerade Ihren Charme aus. Our customers usually do not have much experience with this kind of products.
But we can fall back on many successful projects and product samples in our collection. There is almost no industry or objective that we have not been able to support in the last twenty years.
We would be happy to discuss with you by mail or telephone whether an existing product fits your ideas or can be adapted with little effort. And how high the effort would be for a really unique individual product. You will be surprised how low the additional costs will be.
Environmental protection is a matter of the heart for us and not just since yesterday.
Wir verwenden deshalb bevorzugt Recyclingqualitäten für unsere Produkte. This means that the renewable raw material paper is reused up to seven times. Alternatively, we use certified paper from Scandinavian forests (FSC, PEFC). For every tree felled, three new ones are planted, and the forest stand there has grown by almost fifty percent in recent decades. Our equipment and machinery are powered entirely by green electricity. Instead, we heat and cool one hundred percent with green electricity.

Koehler Paper SE
Koehler Paper is part of the Koehler Group, an 8th generation family business with around 2,500 employees worldwide. The Group’s core area of business is the development and production of high-quality, specialty paper, including thermal paper, playing card board, drink coasters, fine paper, carbonless paper, recycled paper, decor paper, wood pulp board, sublimation paper, and, since 2019, innovative specialty paper for the packaging industry, too. Innovation and sustainability are the keys to success here.
More information at: https://www.koehlerpaper.com

The IGEPA group is a leading European specialist wholesaler, serving more than 50,000 clients from the worlds of industry, retail and commerce. Its ranges include products such as graphic papers and cardboard, packaging and media solutions for advertising technology, including technical equipment and services. With more than 79 sites in 28 countries and around 3,500 employees, the group and its strategic partners across Europe achieved sales of around EUR 1.8 billion in 2017. For more information about the company, visit www.igepa.com

Über Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper
Uncoated Fine Paper is a business unit of Mondi Group. In six operating sites in Austria, Slovakia, Russia, and South Africa, Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper produces pulp and environmentally sound office and professional printing papers tailored to the latest professional digital and offset print technologies. The company complies with the strictest international certification standards to support sustainable production processes through the responsible management of forest, water and air resources. All Mondi uncoated fine papers belong to the Green Range of papers that are FSC™ or PEFC™ certified, 100% recycled or bleached entirely without chlorine.
Its renowned brands such as Color Copy, PERGRAPHICA®, NAUTILUS®, NEUJET®, IQ, MAESTRO®, BIO TOP 3®, DNS®, Snegurochka or ROTATRIM are used in office environments on laser or inkjet printers and by professional printers on digital or offset presses to create brochures, transactional material, folders, invitations, business cards, letterheads, or other high-impact communication. Converters appreciate the excellent printability and smooth handling of Mondi’s professional printing papers.

Further Processing

in Eschweiler near Aachen had heralded a new era in the company's history a few years ago with the motto "Print - Convert - Inspect". With digital printing, printing and finishing solutions, the company was able to offer a complete package. At that time, the company also took over representation for the Chinese converting system manufacturer Brotech. This proved to be a stroke of luck for owner Paul Arndt, with whom Etiketten-Labels spoke about the new company concept.
PrintsPaul, founded in 2006, initially started out providing technical support for used digital machines. Since then, however, the company has developed enormously. As a systems house for digital printing, converting and inspection solutions, PrintsPaul is now established in the market and intends to focus increasingly on offering high-quality finishing solutions. With an area of over 3500 m², PrintsPaul today offers mainly new machines and systems that are intended to pave the way to a new future. These include digital printing systems from Oki, finishing solutions from Brotech and a modular inkjet system developed in-house for personalization or finishing with unusual coating effects.
In recent years, PrintsPaul has undergone a tremendous transformation. In the past, they were known for trading in used digital printing systems. Today they offer mainly new machines from the finishing sector.

Mehring GmbH
Since 1981 the goal of the Mehring GmbH has been to offer clients all the various services concerning print finishing. Our focus lies on technical know-how and our long standing experience, which puts us in a position above the mainstream market of print-finishing. Besides maintenance and repair of our machines we also offer service assistance by telephone which saves time and effort on the customers behalf. We emphasis customer contact to show them what our machines are capable of producing. We are representatives and importers of various reputable manufacturers such Morgana, Fastbind, IDEAL, NAGEL, HOHNER, Rhin-O-Tuff, Wire-O.

Ideal for precise cutting
IDEAL Krug & Priester is, worldwide, one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality cutting machines that cover the small format printing range. On your desk, in open-plan offices and workshops, in marketing agencies, publishers and printers: The IDEAL cutting machines “Made in Germany” for paper and other materials fit in anywhere that precise, safe and speedy paper cutting is required. To meet the different requirements, the IDEAL program offers the optimal cutting machine for every application. Professional, user-friendly and precise cutting of single pages, smaller quantities of paper or whole stacks of paper - with the cutting machines "Made by IDEAL", any amount of paper can be handled with ease.
IDEAL guillotines
In today‘s most demanding print operations, guillotining is a fundamental part of the process. The IDEAL range of manual and programmable power guillotines are engineered to the highest quality, with a wide range to choose from. When building IDEAL office guillotines, absolute reliability and exceptional service life are prioritized above all. IDEAL is the undisputed market leader in the small-format cutting machine industry. By constantly developing the models and integrating innovative features, IDEAL guarantees to supply appropriate solutions to meet the demand for professional cutting.
The IDEAL guillotine range includes:
- Powerful office guillotines – manual or electric.
- Electro-mechanical guillotines with electronically controlled safety cover.
- Electro-mechanical or hydraulic guillotines with IR lightbeam safety curtain.
- Next-generation programmable powered guillotine – for increased efficiency and productivity by working smarter. With IR light beam safety curtain and hydraulic clamp drive: THE 56
IDEAL also manufactures document shredders for professional users. IDEAL products are well known for their exceptional quality levels, legendary reliability, long service life, convincing ease of operation and their high safety standard. IDEAL Krug & Priester is one of the oldest manufacturers of shredders and cutting machines, setting the standards in this industry successfully for more than 70 years. Under “IDEAL Health" the product portfolio has recently been expanded by various models of air purifiers and air washers. These products present the perfect solution for improving indoor air. IDEAL Krug & Priester is an export-oriented company with its own branches in France, USA and Canada. The IDEAL products are exported to over 150 countries and the production facilities are outstanding for their high in-house production depth combined with environmentally-friendly manufacturing technologies.

Imaging Solutions AG (ISAG)
is a Swiss manufacturer specializing in customized systems for the processing and post-processing of photographic images. Since its founding in 2003, ISAG has established itself as one of the leading equipment suppliers to the imaging industry allowing for the creation of premium imaging products.
Initially developed for major photo labs, ISAG's automated and modular production methods are gaining popularity in the graphic and printing industry. In particular, ISAG's LayFlat book binding technology allows books to lay completely flat so visual information is not lost in the gutter and two-page spreads are fully visible. Value-adding LayFlat binding is perfect for stunning photo books, stylish coffee table books, product brochures, luxury catalogs and much more.
High-speed systems designed for large-scale production of photo prints on silver halide paper, machines to cut and sort prints in variable formats, automated canvas stretching solutions and Viesus, the fully automated image enhancement software, complete ISAG's product line.

specializes in finishing technology for digital printing, offset printing and large-format printing. The Dresden-based company offers a wide range of clever and versatile technology with intuitive operation. Top service and user support are the focus, as is the supply of consumables. The product range includes laminators, creasing and perforating technology, creasing and folding machines, multifinishers, numerous small devices, and machines for laminating and mounting large-format applications. The range is rounded off by a broad spectrum of used finishing equipment for industrial production.

IP Adelt GmbH - Ihre Ideen

We at IP Adelt create and produce your marketing tools for tomorrow.
Together with our customers, we design creative and tailor-made marketing solutions for your products, services and events.
With sound expert knowledge, production-skills and special implementation know-how, we develop solutions that are highly individualized and work today as well as tomorrow.
We help brands to leave a long-lasting impression and turn customers into partners and fans.
Our values:
- Understanding customers: we are close to our customer, understand their industries and see the world through their eyes. This is how we develop solutions that really fit and guarantee success.
- Sharing new ideas: we proactively share new ideas with our partners. Together we improve on what already exists and come up with completely new ideas and possibilities - for today and for tomorrow.
- Do it better: over 65 years of experience in marketing, product design and production technology with thousands of projects per year make us real experts – but we still work hard to get better every day. Based on our library of best practice examples, we are constantly improving our solutions and creating real innovations together with our partners
Our products:
- Sampling and collections
- Presentation of products
- Packaging, boxes and displays
- Folders and ring binders
- promotional items
Our services:
- development consulting: from task to solution
- Prototype construction: from idea to prototype to mass production
- Full-Service: from design to logistics

Digibook …
360° book manufacturing for digital printers

For more than a decade Digibook, former Photobook Technology, has supplied binding equipment for the digital print industry worldwide.
Digibook Technology has now expanded its equipment range to enable digital printers to perform all phases (360°) of book manufacturing. The key factors behind the development of our equipment were the ease and flexibility of producing small book quantities with a high degree of automation, simplicity and high quality standard. With this new range of equipment, Digibook fills the gap between semi-automatic and industrial book manufacturing equipment

Brand and Product

brings simplicity to complex printing processes. Our SaaS solution enables the ordering and handling of complex print products such as magazines or catalogues, regardless of whether they are for 15,000 or 5 million copies, thus digitising the entire procurement and handling process, from entering product metadata to order management. The convenience that online printers offer for standard print products enables Benchpool for non-standard print products.
Our software also enables forward planning of paper quantities and thus creates process reliability; a clear competitive advantage in these times.
Behind Benchpool is MSM Media GmbH, which has carried out various consulting and purchasing projects in almost two decades and has analyzed, optimized and purchased over €1 billion in volumes during this time.

From design to approval to deployment: brandQ can simply do more! With the intuitive editors of our marketing management solution, including 3D and live preview, your advertising campaigns are always "spot-on". The agile Web to Publish approach - powered by CloudLab - takes care of it all.

As a solution-oriented partner for prepress, web and sheetfed offset, digital printing and postpress Steuber supplies the print and media industry with products from leading manufacturers from its Mönchengladbach site.
For 100 years, Steuber has stood for advice on investment decisions and professional service.
In its anniversary year 2022, the Steuber Group continues to grow to now 105 employees.
With the newly founded start-up Tessitura, Steuber is consistently taking the path to the future.

Bridging together!
Under this motto, Tessitura GmbH teaches machines and applications to communicate intelligently with each other.
Odeon is our software suite and the ideal companion for a print shop. With it, we streamline your processes and shorten the paths of your employees in order to exploit the full potential.
All the software modules included are designed to optimally support the path from order entry to delivery, overcome media discontinuities and automate manual steps.
Our mission is to strengthen the printing industry for the changes of the future.

emapro UG
emarpo is your partner for the digitalization of your purchasing, marketing and sales activities. We systematize and optimize your relevant media communication processes. Through our diverse solutions, you centralize and connect all time-consuming and possibly self-sufficient work steps.

Our services include:
- Individual portal and webshop solutions
- Consulting & project management
- Marketing of portal and webshop solutions
- Purchasing optimization for media production
- Fulfillment & marketing services
More information about our services here: http://www.emarpo.com

Since 1985, we believe in the bright common future of high-quality print and digital content production. By putting our passion for scalable technology into action every day, we provide sustainable and tailored solutions. We design innovative and collaborative software solutions to accelerate multichannel content production.
Our “Made in Germany” brand symbolises streamlined efficiency with a European perspective on creative design. Very early on, we dedicated our passion to high-quality content for the Graphic Arts. With today’s technological advancements, this same content has become digital, presenting even more new challenges. Our international teams and our award-winning culture of anticipation and innovation have helped drive the digital transformation of brands, media, and communication for over 30 years.

DRUCK +, SERVICE +, SYSTEM +: Bei uns ist der Kunde Königin.
johnen ist ein Druck-Dienstleister im besten Sinn und mit Blick in die Zukunft. Einen Auftrag an johnen zu verge-ben, bedeutet für Sie: Individualität. Denn wir bieten Ihnen alle Leistungen aus einer Hand – von einer individuellen Beratung über ausgezeichneten johnen DRUCK+ bis hin zu johnen SERVICE+ – Konfektionierung, Lagerung und Versand – bequem, einfach und transparent.
Damit Sie mehr Zeit für Ihr Kerngeschäft haben, hilft Ihnen johnen SYSTEM+ Komplexes einfach zu gestalten und wirtschaftlich zu handeln. Kunden-Webshops und Visitenkarten-tools bieten Ihnen Templates, die Sie unkompliziert füllen können. Wir bieten Ihnen clevere Werkzeuge zur Auslagerung, Abbildung, Automatisierung und einfachen Steuerung der kompletten Medienproduktion. Über das Produktions-Service-System (PSS) können unter-schiedlichste Prozesse flexibel und individuell gesteuert und Schnittstellen effektiv genutzt werden. Optimieren Sie Ihr Marketing und Ihren Einkauf!

Schätzl Druck & Medien GmbH
Was das heißt, fragen Sie sich?
Das heißt: Bei kleinen bis mittleren Auflagen ist Schätzl Ihr Partner für großartige Printerlebnisse!
Wir wissen, wie Sie Ihre Kunden begeistern, wie Sie ihnen Ihre Wertschätzung zeigen können. Sie persönlich anzusprechen ist dabei der Schlüssel! Aber das Beste daran: Sie können dies mit uns als Partner ganz einfach durch veredelte Produkte erreichen!
Nur wie soll das möglich sein…
Sie sind nun mal sehr beschäftigt und haben leider noch nicht jeden Ihrer Kunden persönlich getroffen… vermutlich stehen diese zum Teil in Kontakt mit Ihrem Vertriebsteam oder bestellen einfach online…
Wie sollen Sie es nur schaffen, jeden Einzelnen trotzdem durch persönliche Nachrichten zu erreichen…
Keine Angst, das ist alles Schnee von gestern!
Denn wir haben die Lösung für Sie: Mass Customization.
Tauchen Sie ein in die Welt des Digitaldrucks und der Veredelung!
Digitaldruck + Veredelung = sehr glückliche Kunden
Diese Gleichung geht garantiert auf – unsere einzigartige Kombi verschiedener Kompetenzen ist Ihre Lösung. Als Ihr B2B-Fulfiller können wir Ihre Produkte nicht nur digital drucken
Diese veredeln wir zudem mit unterschiedlichen Techniken, wie Folienprägung, UV-Lack, Crystal, Glanz- und Metallic-Effekten… oder aber mit unserem Laser, der Ihr Produkt schneiden, gravieren, perforieren, rillen, personalisieren und auch Etiketten schlitzen kann.
Unser Fokus liegt auf Büchern, (Gruß-)Karten und Postern!
Wenn Sie genau danach suchen, kontaktieren Sie uns gleich jetzt!
Wir sind Ihr B2B-Fulfiller für Digitaldruck und Mass Customization.
Wir freuen uns darauf mit Ihnen zusammen zu arbeiten!

Carl Berberich GmbH
Paper continues to be a valuable communication medium. The material is diverse in its design, unmistakable in its character and offers a unique visual as well as haptic experience. Carl Berberich GmbH has been following this perspective with passion and know-how for over 150 years. The passion for paper is visible in Berberich's wide product range. BERBERICH PAPER AND BERBERICH SYSTEMS
While Berberich Papier is dedicated to paper wholesaling as its core competence, the Berberich Systems division focuses on the in-house production of presentation and organizational materials. These include folders, boxes, ring binders and calendars with the "Made in Germany" seal of quality. Thanks to modern processing techniques and the highest quality criteria - especially when it comes to environmental protection - Berberich meets individual customer requirements and offers reliable service to printers, publishers, advertising agencies and industrial companies.
Berberich was founded in Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg, in 1863. The company has been family-owned ever since. Berberich scores with branches in Abstatt near Heilbronn, Hofheim-Wallau near Frankfurt, Langenfeld in the Rhineland, Lippstadt in Westphalia, Hanover and Ottobrunn near Munich, as well as an Austrian subsidiary with branches in Thalgau near Salzburg and Traiskirchen near Vienna. The widely ramified network conserves resources, as short distances also help to deal responsibly with the environment.

At the DATEV Digital & Print Solution Center (DPSC), highly confidential data is printed and processed on a daily basis not only for members and clients, but also for companies in a wide range of industries, with a particular focus on the insurance & finance sector and local authorities & government agencies. The premium services offered by the print center are regularly confirmed externally by numerous certificates and test certificates. In addition to the data protection certificate, DATEV certifications also include ISO 9001, ISO 20000, 27001, and DIN SPEC 66399.
The DATEV Digital & Print Solution Center produces entirely at/in the company's domestic location in Nuremberg. The latest printing and finishing technologies are available on a production area of approx. 12,000 m2, which is divided into various fire compartments. An in-house, certified waste disposal center is also part of the DPSC data protection concept.
Digital add-ons are playing an increasingly important role in adding value for customers. DATEV therefore offers its hybrid portal solutions for the economic benefit of customers.

uTraxx AG
is a Swiss software company based in Baar, Canton Zug. The uTraxx product range focuses on companies in the printing industry and service agencies, and combinations thereof. uTraxx has its own development department, customer service and support, and its own sales department.
uTraxx.print is a preconfigured solution for the printing industry that can be adapted in a highly flexible manner. The following areas are covered: CRM, offer and order management, pre / post calculation, AI to determine the most suitable process path including automated impositions, production integration with JDF, task management, scheduling, logistics for raw materials, semi- and finished-goods, invoicing, and BI tools. Multiple tenants are supported. The application source text is included.
uTraxx.Net is the flexible base-platform for uTraxx.print 4.0. The platform supports mixed applications on different user devices (Browser, Windows, Mac). The applications run on centralized services, on servers on premises or in the cloud; the clients can be distributed over many locations. The platform contains a complete development environment.

Obility Print Business Automation
Making simply business simple - with this claim, Koblenz-based Obility GmbH has been developing software for e-business print for more than 15 years. The Obility platform now comprises a unique range of web-based software functions and solutions for automating graphic production and for implementing innovative online print business ideas.
Obility significantly increases the productivity and efficiency of both internal and cross-company business processes. This enables businesses to do more and save time and money by simplifying internal processes. This means more revenue with less effort and significantly improves the company's profitability.
The modular structure of the Obility platform allows customers to select from the comprehensive functionality the options that best support their business models.
The Obility E-Business Print Platform includes 4 functional areas:
SMART MIS and ERP for efficient completion of operational processes
PRINTSELLEROpen and closed stores for online based sales of print products
Web-To-Print solutions for online calculation and print design

Purchasing system for simple, efficient print purchasing
Obility is open and seamlessly integrates customers, suppliers, logistics service providers and payment providers, among others. A special feature of the e-business print solution is its flexibility, which allows customers to customize their processes without major programming or cost outlay. The Obility team consists of more than 20 IT experts, software developers, commercial consultants and experienced print specialists. With their expertise and in dialog with customers, they continuously develop the functionality of the Obility platform.

priint:suite - the leading multichannel platform for product communication
From addressing customers in their context, winning back shopping cart abandoners, taking into account regional and geographical differences in address and layout design, compiling catalogs based on multiple facets, generating 70,000 individualized postcards at the push of a button, or creating web-generated and individualized PDFs on demand, while concurrently saving time and money - the priint:suite can accomplish this.
Thanks to our in-depth knowledge and expertise, WERK II / priint Group is one of the international pioneers of database publishing with the priint:suite software. The software revolutionizes and automates the publishing processes with ease for catalogs, data sheets, labels, packaging and PDFs which can be generated on demand. priint:suite follows the rules of digital communication and creates successful conversion rates of over 30%.

Label & Packaging - Digital- & Hybrid applications


IDtex - Digital textile printing for interior and fashion
The German-language trade magazine "IDtex - Digitaler Textildruck für Interieur und Mode" (IDtex - Digital Textile Printing for Interior Design and Fashion) (Verlagshaus Gruber, Eppertshausen) gives a general overview of application areas and techniques of large format inkjet printing. The still young technology opens up new possibilities for the production of individual and personalised products. The print edition is published twice a year (spring/summer and autumn/winter), on the portal www.id-tex.eu we report on current industry events, trade fairs and congresses, companies, new machines, systems, inks, printing materials, software solutions, colour management, design trends and personnel news.

Fundraising Magazin
Every two months, Fundraising Magazine is published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The industry magazine for social marketing, donations, associations and foundations covers everything to do with the financing and marketing of non-profit organizations. Readers work in non-profit organizations, relief organizations, educational and cultural institutions, churches and agencies. Regional Fundraising Days and the International Fundraising Symposium are held regularly for professional exchange. Feel free to drop by!

Deutscher Drucker and print.de: A strong duo for the printing industry
Deutscher Drucker is the leading German-language specialist magazine for the printing industry. It appears 16 times a year and, in addition to the latest business news, also provides background articles on technology trends in prepress, printing and postpress as well as on marketing and management topics. Specialists and executives in the industry can also be reached digitally via the print.de web portal and the newsletter.

Grafische Palette
The "Grafische Palette" is a full-stage trade magazine with the highest distributed circulation within the printing and media industry.
Its main target group is all companies in the graphic arts industry. Editorial topics focus on digital printing and offset printing as well as all upstream and downstream production areas. Reporting from practice for practice, "Grafische Palette" is published four times a year. The magazine is divided into a uniform overall section and six regional editions.
To increase its reach even further, the "Grafische Palette" is also available for downloading free of charge in digital form at http://www.print.de

Only the Grafische Palette offers this:
- Highest market penetration
- Target groups that really fit
- Strong technology orientation
- Very high acceptance and credibility

is the content platform of the agency for strategic premium content, soulofcontent.de.
The editorial team focuses on the topics of content and media, according to the motto: content needs platforms (media) and platforms need good content. This interaction is elementary in the content business.

The UmDEX/print separates the wheat from the chaff in the label jungle of the media industry and guarantees the choice of a high-quality, sustainable print shop. The meta-label operates independently and is fact-based. Access is not for sale. Entry in the table and use of the label is generally granted, provided the criteria mentioned here are met.

Druck&Medien is the printing industry’s leading trade magazine with a circulation of about 6,500 copies. Druck&Medien adresses entrepre- neurs and key personnel in the printing business, but also instructors in vocational schools, liaisons of suppliers, print buyers, and media production staff.
As an authoritative magazine maintaining consistently high standards, Druck&Medien is well respected for its independent writing and coverage of the industry’s various sectors.

Druckspiegel is the leading trade magazine for decision makers in the print and media industry operating in the Germanspeaking area. It reports about the most important technical and economic developments in the industry.

offers relevant daily news on the website „http://www.druckmarkt.com” as appetizers, every two weeks the PDF magazine „Druckmarkt impressions” on the Internet, every two months the printed magazine in high quality and the technical issues „Druckmarkt COLLECTION” in no particular order, preparing difficult subjects easy but exhaustive.

Graphische Revue Print and Online
Graphische Revue has been reporting on developments and trends in the printing community since 1900. The spectrum of topics covered extends from graphic design and typography through prepress, print, and postprint to crossmedia publishing. The regular circulation of 5000 copies informs the 1200 active members of the Graphischer Bildungsverband as well as about 1500 specialists and managers of the graphic arts industry and neighbouring branches every two months. 2000 copies go to graphic designers, publishers and agencies.
Of course, the Graphische Revue is also available online. The homepage www.graphische-revue.at can record around 30,000 impressions per month. The e-mail newsletter is published around 24 times a year. The mailing list comprises approximately 2000 people.

HighText iBusiness is a leading German-speaking trendscout and future researcher on media convergence and the strategic aspects of its impacts on commerce, industry and publishing.

The business directory marketing-BÖRSE
is one of the biggest German-language marketing platforms. Over 20.000 specialized providers of affiliate marketing, search engine-optimization as well as target-group analysis are represented. For every company, details such as press releases, white papers, memberships and activities are being displayed.

marke41 is the medium that pursues the tradition of the author magazine for brand managers. The journal of the brand makers is practically oriented, conveys first-hand know-how and offers reliable and competent guidance to marketing managers.
The marketing journal marke41 publishes exclusive articles, current marketing studies, case studies of successful brands and shows marketing trends.
marke41 is published as a print, e-journal and iPad edition.

MELASCHUK-MEDIEN.DE – Expert know-how for marketing, publishing and crossmedia
MELASCHUK-MEDIEN.DE is the expert platform with know-how, news and professional articles on the topics of marketing, web-to-print, web-to-publish, multichannel and crossmedia.
The platform provides the interactive market overviews Web-to-Publish, which contribute to a higher transparency of this complex market.
The Crossmedia Book - an established standard work for crossmedia and multichannel - is available in free digital versions.

Digital transformation changes communication to the core: One to one communication across all channels, across all stages of the value chain, with all the media along all the steps of the customer journey. ONEtoONE is the navigator through this ever faster changing world of one-to-one communication between companies, employees and customers. ONEtoONE provides an 360 regree overview for the marketing and digital decision makers for their business and their individual career.

is the new trade magazine for creative people with a love of print.
Entertaining, casual, sincere and out of the box, Printelligent aims to bring the graphic arts industry in all its facets closer to players involved in the production of print and advertising materials. Freed from the sometimes dusty image of the printing industry, the 4x annual newspaper serves practical knowledge from the world of haptic communication.
The articles are strictly geared to the needs of the creative people in our industry, who are unfortunately far too seldom addressed with relevant and explicit content.
Even if the graphic arts industry produces a multitude of innovations, these can only be used if a broad, interdisciplinary and up-to-date knowledge is available to those who develop and commission analog communication media.
Marko Hanecke, the publisher of Printelligent, sees a gap between the manifold possibilities of the printing industry and its actual implementation. Mr. Hanecke wants to fill this vacuum and impart knowledge which gives designers, designers and decision makers a deeper understanding of the printing industry and enables them to create and procure great printing and communication tools.

The PUBLISHER is the leading Swiss trade magazine for publishing and digital printing. As a magazine for professionals, PUBLISHER provides up-to-date, in-depth information on trends and news in the areas of prepress and premedia (layout, illustration, image processing, workflow), digital printing, large format printing and digital photography. The PUBLISHER is published 6 times a year.

is the executive letter for e-commerce, mail order and omnichannel. It delivers weekly all the really relevant news, analyzing trends and new business models. It provides in-depth practical know-how and valuable strategy consulting for the decision makers in the retail industry.

World of Print
is your competent and reliable partner for communication in the graphic arts industry. For more than 25 years, we have always been at the cutting edge and are constantly reinventing ourselves.
Our magazines, websites, newsletters and APPs are always up to date with the latest communication technology, and we meet our readers wherever they retrieve information - at their desks or on the move. In addition to technological developments, which are conveyed by means of diverse market overviews and stories, economic aspects and profitable business models are the focus of our editorial work. We prefer to communicate this through interviews and user reports, in which we also take your interesting customers into account.